Work with Templeton Parker on your terms. We support the recruitment for hundreds of companies globally and we know that each and every one is different. Our team supports contract development in order to ensure long term partnership and value. From Start-up companies looking to build a leadership team on a budget, to Market Leaders wanting to add A-players to their sales team at any cost, we have a solution just for you.

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Don't be just another resume on a database.

We all have a unique set of experiences, skills, abilities and an attitude which makes us who we are.

Templeton Parker works actively with the best candidates in the Medical Device and Scientific industries; understanding individuals personal motivations and career aspirations and building lasting relationships that span careers. 

We offer a tailored service aimed at advancing your career based on where you want to go, using our in-depth knowledge of the markets to ensure a perfect placement. 


Career consultation, advice, interview tips and preparation are offered to all our candidates. 


Does your company have a talent acquisition strategy?
Are you investing in talent attraction?
Why take a reactive approach to talent acquisition when you can have a sustained proactive approach to attracting the best talent. 
Your company is as strong as your people. If you want the competitive advantage, you need the best industry talent on your team.

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